Wednesday, September 20, 2006

mural is done!

i finished painting the Noah's Ark mural last saturday the 16th. i've been working on it for so long it feels really strange to not have that to go and do.

i dug around in my studio for most of sunday evening and many evenings this week. rearranging and organizing and getting ideas for what big project to take on next. I painted a striped scarf on sunday afternoon while the kids were napping. i was surprised at how quickly it went - how easy it was.

i am most content and calm when i'm doing something creative. i feel that i'm in my element.

Monday, August 28, 2006

weekend update

i delivered the finished geometric scarf mid-month. the gal was very pleased with it. i am too.

i'm working to finish the mural that i've been slowly progressing on for the kindergarten room at church. i've only to finish the gazelle, the baboon, and the tiger. i'm quite pleased with how this is turning out. it is amazing at this end of the project to step back and realize how far it has come and to realize that the vision of how i wanted this has evolved and come to pass.

i'm looking forward to completing it this week, and then standing back and basking in it. i really enjoy looking at the completed work. i especially like doing something like this for kids. it is so great to think about the number of kids that will look at this. i sure hope it is fun to look at, count the animals, look at the many colors, make animal sounds, and all that. very neat.

i'm glad i took this project on. even though the number of donated hours was way past what i initially thought it would be, i'm pleased with the outcome.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

working working working

hi all. well back from a working binge. pulled an all nighter last night deploying software applications to production. that's the breaks, i guess. it sure seems like there are a lot of i.t. people that are sort of obsessive compulsive and work themselves into a corner with odd hours. i'm trying to break out of it. i haven't done one for a month.
on to more interesting fodder... i finally have pulled some photos together of the latest scarf i'm working on.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

little art show

well, i think the little show went well. i faced some obstacles to getting there, so i feel that it was a small victory to just show up. the kids and I were late to picking up the babysitters, there wasn’t any food in the kid's happy meals, and i only arrived 15 minutes before the show was to start…However, my dear husband came along to carry the heavy stuff in, and my mom happened to be there to help me setup.
i didn’t really know what i was doing to setup, but it worked. more importantly, someone liked my stuff enough to order a custom scarf that i’m working on now. and i had several inquiries and got to talk about my art form in detail to quite a few people. i also got a hot tip on a potential venue for my work and arranged to participate again in this show in November. i got to visit a little with an old friend and see what she's doing.

getting ready for the show

i have been so busy painting! i have 4 full-sized (15 x 60) pieces of silk done. i'm completely anxious about a little art show that i'm participating in today. it is very small - only 4 vendors for 3 hours. i am still trying to calm myself down about it. i have many photos to share, so i will have to get those posted. oh boy! *smile/grimace*

Friday, April 07, 2006

it's a start

i painted a couple of silk handkerchief-sized items today. it went relatively quickly. i may have to use this as part of my working notebook and keep notes of what i'm doing. i wonder if i can post images of what i'm doing here and still maintain copyrights to my work? off to do taxes.. =(

Thursday, April 06, 2006

staking a claim

this is my first blog. sort of sad really - i guess the shoemaker's children do, indeed, go barefoot.

i started this blog today to give myself a place to think out loud and start following my dreams.

what do I do? i am a software architect for a small custom software development firm in the Minneapolis-St.Paul Minnesota area. i am an artist. i was an artist first. i have been an artist for as long as i can remember. its just something i am.

my oldest son is an artist too - and he's five year old. my parents are artists as well - though they gave up their dreams of pursuing careers in art a long time ago. they've convinced me, successfully, to find other, more lucrative pursuits. (this is not to say that they are unsupportive - they are supportive in a realistic way.)

also, i mother. i wife. i work.

so here i am longing to do something passionate and free - for a living. i guess that is the distinction. there are lots of things that i do that are passionate and free, but none of them bring in an income. a part of me feels that i cannot truly call myself artist unless it is an income producing event.

so here i go - scared and wondering and excited - into my future. only time will tell of the successes i achieve.