Friday, April 07, 2006

it's a start

i painted a couple of silk handkerchief-sized items today. it went relatively quickly. i may have to use this as part of my working notebook and keep notes of what i'm doing. i wonder if i can post images of what i'm doing here and still maintain copyrights to my work? off to do taxes.. =(

Thursday, April 06, 2006

staking a claim

this is my first blog. sort of sad really - i guess the shoemaker's children do, indeed, go barefoot.

i started this blog today to give myself a place to think out loud and start following my dreams.

what do I do? i am a software architect for a small custom software development firm in the Minneapolis-St.Paul Minnesota area. i am an artist. i was an artist first. i have been an artist for as long as i can remember. its just something i am.

my oldest son is an artist too - and he's five year old. my parents are artists as well - though they gave up their dreams of pursuing careers in art a long time ago. they've convinced me, successfully, to find other, more lucrative pursuits. (this is not to say that they are unsupportive - they are supportive in a realistic way.)

also, i mother. i wife. i work.

so here i am longing to do something passionate and free - for a living. i guess that is the distinction. there are lots of things that i do that are passionate and free, but none of them bring in an income. a part of me feels that i cannot truly call myself artist unless it is an income producing event.

so here i go - scared and wondering and excited - into my future. only time will tell of the successes i achieve.