Saturday, May 06, 2006

little art show

well, i think the little show went well. i faced some obstacles to getting there, so i feel that it was a small victory to just show up. the kids and I were late to picking up the babysitters, there wasn’t any food in the kid's happy meals, and i only arrived 15 minutes before the show was to start…However, my dear husband came along to carry the heavy stuff in, and my mom happened to be there to help me setup.
i didn’t really know what i was doing to setup, but it worked. more importantly, someone liked my stuff enough to order a custom scarf that i’m working on now. and i had several inquiries and got to talk about my art form in detail to quite a few people. i also got a hot tip on a potential venue for my work and arranged to participate again in this show in November. i got to visit a little with an old friend and see what she's doing.

getting ready for the show

i have been so busy painting! i have 4 full-sized (15 x 60) pieces of silk done. i'm completely anxious about a little art show that i'm participating in today. it is very small - only 4 vendors for 3 hours. i am still trying to calm myself down about it. i have many photos to share, so i will have to get those posted. oh boy! *smile/grimace*