Monday, August 28, 2006

weekend update

i delivered the finished geometric scarf mid-month. the gal was very pleased with it. i am too.

i'm working to finish the mural that i've been slowly progressing on for the kindergarten room at church. i've only to finish the gazelle, the baboon, and the tiger. i'm quite pleased with how this is turning out. it is amazing at this end of the project to step back and realize how far it has come and to realize that the vision of how i wanted this has evolved and come to pass.

i'm looking forward to completing it this week, and then standing back and basking in it. i really enjoy looking at the completed work. i especially like doing something like this for kids. it is so great to think about the number of kids that will look at this. i sure hope it is fun to look at, count the animals, look at the many colors, make animal sounds, and all that. very neat.

i'm glad i took this project on. even though the number of donated hours was way past what i initially thought it would be, i'm pleased with the outcome.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

working working working

hi all. well back from a working binge. pulled an all nighter last night deploying software applications to production. that's the breaks, i guess. it sure seems like there are a lot of i.t. people that are sort of obsessive compulsive and work themselves into a corner with odd hours. i'm trying to break out of it. i haven't done one for a month.
on to more interesting fodder... i finally have pulled some photos together of the latest scarf i'm working on.