Tuesday, October 28, 2008

kids and painting

i taught art again last Friday. i have one more session scheduled next month. i have a great time. however, i am considering being more selfish with my time and actually taking days off of work within the work crunch of the current and coming months to paint - for myself. shocker.

i finished Game of Thrones and started on Clash of Kings. i was just checking things online when i came across this excellent watercolor.

i had planned to review it more than this, but time only permits my thoughts at finishing it: what's a legend without a she-wolf raising men or a dragon-mother that suckles a beast at her breast.

my mid-point reading of the foreshadowing was pretty close - 4 people vying for the throne.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

mixed bag: emeralds and starks

i was searching for some internet link to info about this 60's garage band that my dad was an alternate for in Hobbs, New Mexico when he was in high school. i have a cd of 8 tracks. i'll just have to post a couple tracks.

while i was searching for that i found this link. i listened. it was funny. it reminded me of my visit to the soviet union before the Berlin wall came down (yes, i am that old!) and all of the disco-techs. welcome rock and roll to the rest of the world, they are finally moving away from Elvis and disco into hair bands of the 80's. The Emeralds

that darn Ned Stark and his honorable-ness. going and giving that evil woman a heads up that he's turning her over. for goodness sake, doesn't he realize that she'll probably just have Robert killed while hunting?! they've killed off everyone else of import that figured it out or was close. of course she'll kill Robert and be queen. i wouldn't put it past her. Ned, Ned, Ned, you big stupid!

okay, and Catelyn... what was she thinking. let's just bring a Lannister into Arryn's fortress and show all the secrets from the inside. at least put a bag over the little man's head whilst bringing him in. he didn't arrange the killing, but i'm sure he won't just stand by and let the poor treatment by the creepy sister pass without payback. neurotic and whacked - i considered that perhaps she' done Jon Arryn in because he was going to farm the kid out. but i think Cersei admitted to having Jon killed. either way...

i'm thinking a hostage situation, death by hunting accident, and little Arya fighting off someone or defending her sister might be in the works...

okay, this is like a knights and ladies soap opera. "i do love my stories..." (you had to be there to get the inside joke. kyle's grandma used to watch guiding light every day...)

Monday, October 20, 2008

i went to bed with a Shins song in my head

i've been repeat listening to them all day and threw in a few others too. just found a new artist to explore. i think i like her a lot - and i need to try to do one of those looks with my hair. i haven't used hot rollers for a few weeks, but that smooth 40's vibe works.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

strange happy

it was a rough week that ended oddly. but i'm left feeling a strange sort of ... what? not really contentment. not really happy like yippee. i guess i'm feeling an okay-ness. better than the rough last week. winter might be coming, but so will spring.

time to pick up the brush and start painting life in full color again.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

rather consuming book

well, i was up to around page 400 this afternoon during kiddie nap time.

perhaps the big shadow of stone knight with an empty helm is the Mountain that Rides. i was trying to guess where so of these plot lines were leading...

wonder if...
  • all of the kings children are Cersei and her brothers. (there seems to be quite a lot of that going on this in the book. i never really thought of it past Egyptians.)
  • Jaime used Tyrion's dagger on purpose or with permission to frame up for Bran's murder or if Varys or Littlefinger are plotting to start a war.
  • Jon snow is Eddard's true born with some Targaryen which would put like 3 eighteen year-olds in contention for the throne if something happens to Robert
obviously, i'm done working for the evening and off to bed to read for an hour or so.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

starks and lannisters

i wonder if the king is the big dark and empty in the south?

i'm about 200+ pages in and am hooked. incredible writing - detailed, good flow, character building with lots of action, betrayal, honor, mystery, fantastic beasts, lords and ladies... i wonder if the excerpt i had read that sounded like animal dialog was dialog of direwolves? i wonder if the situation of the dragon princess will be entangled in the lions or the ice? i hope ice... with the exile of the northern man befriending them.

one does love an evil queen - what faerie tale would be complete without an evil witch to despise and plot against.

i'm loving this as much as tolkien.

ah, my reverie has lasted long enough. i seem to have walt's miserable cold, but have rested long enough. back to table value function and query-land. maybe if i spelled it quaerie-land it would seem more magical and mysterious...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

dinner (and drinks) with mary

under the guise of shoe shopping we met for some light shopping and dinner and drinks. i think mary was a little disappointed that i didn't know some hot spots. but that's me. boring. we had a good visit for 3 hours or so. we visited a lot about our relationships.

it was fun. i had only planned to come back to the room and hammer out some tif queries. it was nice to be distracted and not work 24-7.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Shopping at MOA and Dinner

after a brain-day, i popped across the street the Mall of America for some retail-therapy... and to catch something for dinner. i ended up eating at Ruby Tuesdays - they have really good blackberry lemonade.

i picked up a few books at Barnes and Noble... i could do that anywhere, but i find myself in book stores at malls. i stopped into the Wild store and was comforted that they have Minnesota North Stars jerseys. the pink wild jerseys won't be in until Thursday, so hopefully i can stop back before i have to go home.

trip through Bloomingdale's. i really don't get the weird 80s layering and short jackets. i don't find this to be an attractive look for 99% percent of the female population. and the 1% that could look okay in it, well they look okay in anything so why dress down.

lots of cris-crossing bodice looks this fall. and bold colors and gold sparkly all over jeans (hello! be-dazzler YIKES!) the more i look around the more i think that i should become more serious about dropping another 15 pounds. women just look better leaner. perhaps i should actually run to drop a few instead of just running to relieve stress and getting a little thinner as a side benefit. something worth considering.

at one point, i stopped to adjust my grip on a bag and felt sort of like i was dizzy and then realized that i could feel the floor moving up and down - sort of pulsing as crowds moved along. weird feeling. time to leave MOA.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

bloomington for the week

i'm in bloomington for the week. after driving so much last time i was over here for product specific ssrs report and schema training, i averaged about 4 hours of sleep a night. this time i decided to stay over the week.

it was hectic getting everything ready this afternoon as i did laundry this morning and wrangled kids so that dear-husband could have some alone time in his garage. i had wanted to leave about 4pm so that i could get settled in, grab dinner, and work the evening. instead, i didn't get to bloomington until 9pm. so here i am coming off of some little working after getting settled in. nice desk and bright lamp. i remembered to bring a power strip so that i would have enough plug-ins without having to space devices throughout the room. i did forget my iPod, dang it! good thing that i accidentally brought my palm pilot so that i have some tunes this week.


i'm looking at this list of deliverables for this project wondering how we're to accomplish this without my giving 200%.

i've planned to go out for dinner and drinks tomorrow night with my friend Nancy. i think our working group will also go out one night, but i don't think it will be 1/8th the fun it was last time. i have some tentative plans to go shoe shopping with Mary at MOA. Maybe i'll catch a movie... or maybe i'll just do yoga in my room and get 8 hours of sleep each night - novel idea!

Monday, October 06, 2008

buried alive?

some days it feels like it. i pulled the veil of work down over my head and have buried myself in it. i worked so much the last couple of weeks that i haven't even made time to run much. i went for a nice long hour tonight. i'm supposed to plug back in and work some more tonight, but i'm all blah feeling.

instead i am going to read the kids to sleep and take a long, long, hot, steamy shower and crawl into bed with the last few chapters of Brisingr.

i need to get back into the habit of going into work early and then leaving early so that i can make time to run before it's dark. i love this time of year and the crisp air.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

debate and bailey's

hack the debate...

my favorite comments - "I just woke up; who's the hot chick?!" and "I'm so glad I'm a canadian." Really?! Are you?!

crack open the baileys over ice and brisingr.

how many times can we save "maverick" ?