Friday, November 28, 2008

homage to Rosco

We lost Carter-kitty a while ago. A couple of Mondays ago I drove over (by complete accident!!) Monday the outside kitty. One Thanksgiving Eve, we found the basset hound got hit by a car out front of our place. He was lying on the highway looking unharmed (except that he was dead).

It must have been a car that hit him and perhaps threw him. His ribs were crushed and when we found him he was not breathing and did not have a pulse, but was still warm. The car tried to stop because there were terrible skid marks. Too bad they just drove off. Rosco was not supposed to be on the highway, of course.

He was just drawn to the road-kill smell...

Rosco came to us as a stray. He was 5 years old when we got him (he was abandoned with his tags still on) and we've had him for 4 years about or was it 5. We were always chaining him up and he was always figuring out how to muscle out of it. He also liked to eat the neighbor dog's food when he got loose and drag home road-kill.

He ate cat poop out of the garage litter box and dead things off the road. Last Christmas I thought he was going to die after he broke into the gift wrapping area and consumed 36 oz of dark chocolate.

When we got him, I thought it would be worth the hassle for the number of laughs this ugly, silly dog could bring our family. He did his job well.

well, the depressing part of the holiday season has begun

Some worker gets trampled because people in NYC are crazed to get their Wii Guitar Hero or electric kiddie truck for $88 bucks... sigh

i read the circulars last night. i like a good deal. but i don't like being touched by people or crowded areas. i have enough chaos in my life that fighting over the last 4GiB jump drive for $11 bucks is not my idea of success. i made my holiday shopping list, and it did include the Wii Guitar Hero deal with two guitars in the package - however naive i am, i didn't believe there would be any left within 15 minutes of any store opening so I stopped off at Target on my way into work this morning.

i spent an hour, including checkout, and didn't initially walk away with a Wii GH or the cordless phone set that i wanted. i even got somewhat distracted from my list and just decided that I'd had enough and left.

since i was the only one in the office today, don't ask, i was reviewing my Christmas shopping list over my break and decided that i could have it all done if i just went to Wal-lyWorld too. Good and bad idea.

It seemed very disorganized, but I did get several good deals on toys and some movies. Then swung back by Target to get the other things that I forgot and see if there were any decent games left in the Wii aisle and maybe it would be able to be walked through.

Score! Someone had just put back the or returned/restocked the GH game I wanted for Kyle and I got a Nerf game with Gun/controller for 13 bucks! Very nice and some great movies for the movie bucket this year. I mostly worked the electronics and media area.

I also bought a Dyson and this little EeePC. I love this! My hands are small enough that this is quite comfortable typing. and the price was cool with an additional 10% off card that I had. I got the one with the Linux OS and white. what the heck; take the plunge!

this little doll rocks and with Open Office i think it will go further than the fly pen to enhancing my productivity. i will be able to use the wireless connections in the conference rooms and pop this in my zipper ring binder and be ready for meetings and work sessions without having to drag my giant laptop around. and with thumb drives and mobile access to most of my stuff online, i should be able to keep my new inbox processing steps working better for me than by continuing to propagate the paper.

anyway, this was my Christmas present to myself from my dear husband who doesn't shop for me. how could he? i like gadgets and books - both things he doesn't have much exposure to. we got the Dyson because it had been on the shopping list of a while and i was just waiting for a good deal on it. we didn't have to spring for the animal version with only one indoor animal left now...

i will have to give the Wii to him next week. with my no-stress Christmas this year and more concentration on family, i think that i will propose a 12-days of Christmas present opening this year. one each for the kids every day for the 12 days of Christmas. this will spread out the presents more and make it less commercial for the kids.

I'm happy to be done shopping. (except for my parents) i have to write out Christmas cards and wrap presents and put up decorations. i made all my cards already and just need to write them out and address them. the cookies are ordered. the Christmas eve hosting has been handed off to my mom and the traditional Christmas day has been transitioned to a sister-in-law for this year. birthday cakes and cupcakes are ordered for the boys and for school treats. travel plans laid. this may be the most relaxing Christmas ever.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

i was ill and now i am not

i lost a week of my life. ?! WTF it just was gone in nursing sick child and then all four of us were sick. sweet sweet husband pulled a fast one and practically locked himself away downstairs in our bedroom and left me (throwing up as much as any one else) to tend to the puking boys above stairs. a little heat doth still rise from the crown of mine head whilst i think on it....

there went last week.

now, prior to last week, i was very nicely positioned to get a project done without working every evening and weekend. alas, it was not meant to be, and here i am trying to find 5 lost working days in my copious spare time.

and i find that i am to teach art again this Friday. has a been a whole month? it certainly doesn't seem like it.

i've been reading some. although i was too sick to read last week, i'm 3/4 through a storm of swords. i really like this series and the pov style and the excellent characters. some of the big plot pivots have a bit too much foreshadowing and are beginning to border on predictable. i hope that becomes less instead of more. i haven't read any spoilers and haven't searched or done any online anything relating to this series because i want it to be fresh. but i think i pretty much have the major plot points figured out. i'll see if i'm validated or surprised as i read on. i am just thankful that i haven't been reading these since the onset or i would be crazy with where-are-they!-fever over the next books.

i've also had a difficult time sleeping lately. since report training, i've had this killer head cold, chest cold, fever thing going. plus work stress, i suppose. some changes at home with daycare and school and the holidays approaching - we have so very very many events in december where all of our and other family birthdays and anniversaries are clumped with the standard holiday season plus deer hunting with black powder and kyle's mom moving, etc, etc...

oh, big week - i had to put another of our cats down on Tuesday morning. I ran over it only partly on Monday night last week and took it to the emergency vet. i thought maybe it was just a broken leg, but alas it was spinal and the poor thing had to be put down. (at least it, ironically named Monday, was on pain medication during the time they were determining the extent of the damage). second cat in such a short time. at least my Friday (yes, weird on the naming, perhaps) is still with me - its been what 16 or 17 years now - he's an old man!

well, i'm likely just letting that prospect of that long, cold winter, the loss of my friend, the loss of some pets, and the worries of life press a bit too close to my heart. my december focus to is start bringing myself back into balance, give myself some breathing room to regroup and relax - hopefully i can do that with the other obligations of the season or find ways to shift those obligations to the side this year.

next year may well be a first for me - i been considering a very selfish new year/next year. i need more 'me' in my life. more painting, more reading, more cooking, more one on one time with my boys. i am thinking less charitable work - sort of like a temporary suspension, less activities, less working. less chaos or at least less notice of chaos. more decluttering of life, house, and mind - sort of like finding ground zero after almost a year of neglecting so many common, ordinary things. i really take pleasure from the ordinary - it kind of energizes me. okay, next year will be 'An Ordinary Year.' it was an ordinary year... sounds nice. we'll see.

Friday, November 07, 2008

the summer has come to an end

everything was covered with a serene blanket of snow this morning. the corn was all bent over - heavy under the weight of the wet snow and looked more like bulrushes than corn stalks.

it was a long, ripe summer. that's come to an end.

as much as i've been resisting it, i guess, it truly is time to batten the hatches and prepare myself for the long, cold winter.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

work and toes

I've been working my bottom off again. I lost another 4 pounds this week. It's probably because I've kinda quit eating. No, really, it's not like on purpose or anything - I just forget. I've been working every waking minute and taking care of the boys when they're with me after school until bedtime.

I eat dinner with them, of course. And I guess I have eaten breakfast as I drive-thru McDonald's for coffee and a bun. Other than that I just have not been hungry and forget about it when I'm focused so wholly on what I need to accomplish by Tuesday. Well, really, by Monday morning, because I want to be DONE with this project before the last minute.

I also have not had time to grocery shop and neither has husband-dear who is also in his busy season and working 12 - 14 hour days. My parents took the boys last weekend and today which was super great.

Other news: Joe broke his big toe on Thursday night while we were carving pumpkins. His was done and he was sort of hanging on a snack bar stool. The stool tipped and came straight down on his big toe. Then he cried is 'real cry.' That doesn't happen much. Joe is not a crier. The toe tripled in size before my eyes and turned purple. I called the health line for our insurance because I wasn't sure if I should take him in. It looked really bad, but I had heard they don't do much for toes anyway.

However, it was a joint so they asked me to bring him in within 3 hours. We went right away. (Joe was totally done crying or acting like it hurt at all!?) The doc said it was broken, but not the important joint. Keep it elevated, iced, and rest. (Yeah, RIGHT!) Little dude doesn't even want Tylenol and hasn't stopped running up and down the hallway - I think he'll be fine.

The kids got double trick-r-treating on Friday. (We thought we'd have to carry Joe; we were wrong.) My dad took them to the mall in his town and then brought them home. We waited for hubby to get home and then all went out after dark. Kyle really wanted Joe to be Yoda, but I couldn't find a Yoda costume at the stores by us. (I would have liked to see Kyle dress up like Gwigon. [sp? dude, I'm too tired to google it!]) Sam went as Obi Wan with his light up lightsabre. Joe went as Buzz Lightyear. The blow-up wings really made an impression!

Well now we have all this candy that we won't eat. Why do we do this again?