Saturday, February 28, 2009

a river runs through it

I had never seen that movie before. It was on some rerun channel on Thursday night. I am not that big of a Brad Pitt fan, but I sort of got "hooked" on the fly fishing is an art deal and was curious to where it went with it.

Very thought provoking ending.

Isn't that just the hardest part about parenting and loving - giving another person unconditional love and still maintaining that boundary between helping someone and still giving them enough space to make their own choices - even if they are "bad" ones.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

it's been a long time...

i vacationed. i planned. i organized my living space. i worked out. i dealt with some sh!*.

i lost that 10 pounds that i gained between Oct and December. my gram had an awesome recovery!!! she's back home and doing fantastic - amazing what quitting smoking can do for you when you have the drive to just move on.

back to work - oi. yuck with the non-stop projects.

i have been going to a painting class on tuesday nights - watercolor. watercolor on silk (aka silk painting) is as easy as can be. but this watercolor on paper stuff has always given me a tough time. i think it has to do with the intensity of color (or lack of) and the use of mostly white space. i realized last night (with another muddy output) that i paint more of the shadow than leaving white space for light. So I build layers of shadow to create a composition and i think that watercolor comes at it from a light-protection stand point. i guess i will see this week if figuing that out can help my work a bit. these last couple weeks of work are only trash worthy.

also the medium is sort of 'tricksy.' i can predict and prompt/direct dye movement on silk to get it where i want it. this is different. it is like i have to do some time making crap paintings just to figure out the medium. unfortunately, i have spent many other periods of time trying to 'get it' and hadn't succeeded. maybe this is different. (or maybe i'm just bullheaded...)

even though the class is made up of 12 ladies past retirement age plus me, it is nice to meet up with some local artsy types and visit. also to just take the time to paint. it has been a nice escape from the work stress that is building up again with more and more demands on my slim schedule.

so off i go to paint in my studio until midnight.