Tuesday, April 28, 2009

painted the car

on wednesday, my doc said to start being more active. on friday morning, he said that i could return to normal activity, just be smart about muscle pain versus anything more serious.

i took thursday and friday off last week (vacation days) to work on the school carnival volunteering i've been committed to and prep for teaching on friday, the carnival and friday night and racing opener on saturday.

thursday night i spent an hour in the shop painting sponsors and lettering on the IMCA stock car. on saturday, i was out at 9 am painting until my dad came at 12:30. it worked that i was sort of stiff, so I could hold still. after lunch, we both worked on it until it was loaded on the trailer at 5 pm.

we got done. i couldn't have done it if dad hadn't come to help. it looks okay. i promised myself after last year that i would have it done before racing day this time... there's always next year.

visual disclaimer: i do not get to pick the colors. "just the basics; nothing swoopy or fancy" were part of the requirements. it is important that this be legible from many angles and covered in dirt.

Friday, April 17, 2009

be careful what you wish for

well i have spent 2 days sitting down, so i guess i have gotten to slow down. i had never been in a car accident before. so that was something new. lots of good things to be thankful for- no one else was hurt and it wasn't my car.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

i need to slow down

it is hard to believe that spring is here already. a few months ago the weather reflected my mood and just felt cold and miserable. now the weather is not so miserable. i guess i am getting caught up in spring activities - co-chairing the spring carnival at the boys' school, running for school board (just of our charter school - very low key), painting classes, and running out side again.

the boys are busy and it seems strange to be on this side of the school year with a month and a half to go. by next year both boys will be in school full time. i'm also trying to swing some exterior remodeling into the crazy mix, and work is work. the people i work with are the best, but the budget constraints have got us all loaded down even more than usual.

i guess that i am looking forward to summer, summer runs, summer sky, getting outside with the kids and doing some things to my yard.