Sunday, May 31, 2009

bert graduated

we went to bert's graduation party today (the one that i was a week early too last saturday). it was good to see people that we haven't seen for so long. and there were even some of my girl friends there too. we stayed longer than i thought we would because it is a race day.

i watched De-Lovely, The Cole Porter Story this evening. what a really good movie. such a love story. well, i am a romantic somewhere down deep.

i have been working on going paperless for the last year - i think that it is just time to implement scanning. i have my deliverables all down to electronic. i have all my notes and process there too, but i have not been successful yet in stemming the tide of incoming... i found a couple of ScanSnap scanners that i'm debating between or perhaps one for home and one for the office.

i just have to determine the correct storage media for this, etc. i think that it is time for a server to act as file and print server and little pdc... yet this will thrill dear husband who recently confessed to hating my obsession with computers and always having electronic devices so near at hand (e.g. the palm, the blackberry, the razr, the eee, the laptop, my desk of PC in the family room, my laptop for scrapbooking/photo management)...

Friday, May 29, 2009

wrapping up the week

Other than wanting to test drive a newly built application, (and get to a different keyboard or grab a nail file,) tomorrow I will be prepping to go out of town for 4 nights/5 days -networking, project status, presentations, work.

I need to do all my laundry and household chores tomorrow. Make my packing list - and I'm gong to take this opportunity to work on my wardrobe book and photograph my outfits all laid out before I pack them so that I have both quick guide to my wardrobe that matches my itinerary - and a way to start that book for general use.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

catching up

Oh yeah, the car crash. Lots of things have been crashing around me lately that I put the car thing to the back of my mind. Quick update on that since I just glanced at my last old post. My neck and back are doing a lot better. The therapy and exercises I have are helping. I have mobility back and most of the pain is gone. My knee is what is bothering me most at present. Both knees got smashed into the seat in front of me. But compared to the neck thing, it seemed very minor. Well, six weeks later and my left knee is still bruised and hot and have been swelling up and hurting. I'd been walking and introducing jogging back in for 5-10 minutes of that hour.

I skipped it the last 5 days - mostly because of working too much - but also because I wasn't pushing to make time to work out because my knee hurts. I guess it is starting to sound like a meniscus (sp?) tear. Time will tell. I went out today for an hour walk and only just jogged the short part over the bridge where there isn't a shoulder. It's hotter again and hurts tonight. I guess I'll take some Advil or something.

Let's see, what's been going on that I could blog about...We've spent a lot of time outdoors yesterday and today. I was a total redneck yesterday. I'm on linked in and twitter now.

Yesterday: I did things I haven't done (on purpose, really) in a very long time. I bought a case of beer. Since I'm the only one that drinks beer at my house - except the neighbor, Mike. Yeah, that's right. I said we keep beer in our refrigerator for our neighbor. (That's 1 Redneck point) I drank beer while standing in the garage watching stuff burn outside of the garage. (That's 3 Redneck points.) We burned bushes that were pulled out of the front of the house with a pickup truck and a lumber chain. Oh, yeah. (That's got to be worth 5 points.) It was done in broad daylight of mid evening with traffic was high and we yanked out 5 huge rose bushes. It was also began with the sentence: Hey do you want to have some real fun? (I did not utter the sentence, but I"m taking a point for answering: Hell Yeah!) No, it doesn't stop there. The 5 year old was hanging out the window of the passenger side of the truck shouting "Ye Hah!" (+1) Grand Total: 11 Redneck points. That is a serious issue. I don't even usuall hit that in a 3 month period. "OMG, That's so farm!" (Click, 12.)

I weeded part of a flower bed today and made a trip to the hardware store for Preen to try and keep the weeds at bay this year. We found caterpillar - the bad kind - nests in our fruit trees today. I just cut some of the branches off. We tried to burn those too, but they lived through it. I got bug stray too and strayed the tree.