Tuesday, June 30, 2009

tuesday morning

65 degrees
Little bit rainy
The boys are fishing a little private lake north of Green Isle. We inherited the friendly neighborhood Labrador for the experience too.

Upon arriving here, we found a little mouse-like animal. So between the dog and the mouse, the kids were having a great time despite the weather.

They caught sunnies one after another and kept dear husband busy releasing the catch. Strange how this is so different from the fishing of my youth where staying still and quiet was the mandate (as was not really catching anything either). It was a lesson in patience and deliberation that my kids are missing out on by not having to wait more than 60 seconds for a bite.

The 4-footer decided to strike out for the other side of the pond. We all walked along. The boys stood on the shore and caught from there.

Maybe fishing quietly with my dad and getting skunked all those times is why I appreciate a challenge and get bored with things that come so easily.

We had snacks on the tail gate. 4-footer and I were watching the gaggle of geese floating. I asked him if he thought they would eat the worms we had left. "No," he said. "What do they eat do you think?" "Fish. And mangoes." "Mangoes?" "Yep," he said. There you have it.

Sunday, June 14, 2009



The scheduled sessions look exciting! I'm getting completely cranked up about DEFCON 17. I a am n00b; but it will be worth begin there even to be treated like a pleeb.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

budding sidewalk artist

the 4 1/2-footer did this the other evening. chalk on cement. i love the asymmetry, the color choices and dynamic composition.

coming home to this is like getting flowers or a new electronic device. my boys love me. what an incredible feeling.

Monday, June 08, 2009

duck-duck kid-duck

the duck shaped scissors - it quacks with every cut...

the kids sat next to me at the counter and played playdough while i checked email and typed this up. big, bad, mommy... yeah, yeah, sometimes you just need to do what needs doing - it is 3 days into summer vacation and i'm having the 4 footer sit next to me and read 15 minutes. since there isn't any school, the least he can do is read for 15 minutes a day.

hopefully this will prevent some of the summer skill loss. (though it cannot probably offset the 10 hours of cartoons this last Saturday and Sunday mornings.) at least they do things while watching tv - like color, play games, and do crafts.

these little dudes are my world.

Here's me with humidity, big hair, and tired after a week up north at the MCCC Annual Conference in Alexandria.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

domestic goddess? I wish

well, my favorite thing to do on sunday is to bum about the house and pretend that i am a domestic goddess. the dishwasher is loaded, the other dishes are washed and in the drying rack, counters clean, house clean and everything in its place for the week. supper is cooking on the stove (nothing complex, rest assured) and my wardrobe is ready for the week ahead.

after supper i like to go down to my corner of the family room where my office is and putz about filing, scanning, doing bills, responding to email and getting the weekly schedule ironed out. heaven knows that the week is too hard to get any of that done during the evenings...

then i'll work out and watch my shows for the week - though i will be adding the big bang theory into rotation with the standard mystery/classics.