Friday, July 03, 2009

fun, sun, water, and fire

We spent Thursday outside. We weeded a few of the flowerbeds and used Preen on them. The 4-footer lives to water with the watering can. Then they played Duplo blocks on the patio until after lunch.

The boys and I took a quick trip into town. We picked up a kiddie pool and a kid sprinkler. We'd intended to get a slip-n-slide, there weren't any. I thought we could use Shelly's idea and turn the slide into a waterslide. ├čut dear husband has it safely fastened to a stake in the ground. So we had a grand ol' time just running through the sprinkler!

I got too much sun and have my tank top shape emblazoned on my body. The boys did fine as they must have their dad's skin type instead of mine. They are both brown.

It was a monumentous occasion (besides vacation without checking work email and basically shunning my computer-i am even using my phone to blog this week.) the ugly Blue Truck got hauled away for the demo derby! Hurray! The eye-sore wasn't very visible next to the back shed, but the yard looks better for it.

While we were picking up water toys, I got the kids some new Legos, k'nex, and bionicles. They played with those on the-patio after water fun and until it was time to come in. We watched the rest of the Incredibles until dark.

We had a family fire and made s'mores out of the GIANT marshmellows (about the size of my fist). We sat around the fire until 11:30 and then stuffed the boys in bed with the warning that each could get up to quietly use the bathroom in the morning but would have to go back to bed.

Funny how you find yourself as a parent being so explicit...and don't go into your brother's room to see if he is sleeping, just get back in bed. Don't come downstairs to my room to see if I am sleeping, just go back to sleep.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

waterpark mayhem

We're headed home from the Waterpark of America. I didn't get very many pictures; I didn't want to get it wet! The all round favorite was the 10-story family raft ride. There is a tie between the 2-person raft ride, body slides, and river rafting.

The 4 and 1/2-footer wants me to mention how fun the body surfing was. My recommendation to modest moms is to wear a one piece suit for this 'good time.' I wore the double bikini top and threw on a board shirt. Too bad I didn't have board shorts with a cinch-able waist. I am not one to worry about messing up or trying something new. However, I lost my swim bottoms, well the back side, and any dignity I had left on the first try. Tight board shorts for this one, ladies!

The 4 footer enjoyed the river rafting so much. It was especially fun for him when he figured out that he could touch bottom! He kept telling me that the person in the front was in charge. The 4 1/2 footer kept trying to outrun us in the loop.

We're all exhausted and headed home for a movie and ice cream.