Tuesday, September 01, 2009

holy moly

I can hardly believe that it's been a month since DefCon! Wha?! Where has the month flown to? Of course work has been work. Physical Therapy has been going well. Slight set-back where I couldn't turn my head or lift my left arm for 10 days in there (but I still managed to work). Shoe shopping for the boys - one's feet are as big as mine! (That's not saying much for me, but saying a lot for the 4.5 footer.) School started today. An old family friend died on Monday and I'm road tripping up North with my oldest friend (of 30+ years). It's getting so long that it's hard to admit to knowing each other this long. So aside from the sadness, it will be nice to catch up with her. I am doing some volunteering for a cancer benefit coming up in October. Donated blood today. What else... oh got cleared (since the muscle spasm set back) to start light jogging again and to use my walking poles. (Yes, I know I look like a moron on the road, but I don't care! It is really good for my back muscles.) It should have a t-shirt made which says that so that I can wear it while using the poles... *smile* Oh yeah, DefCon - I have a list of posting info for that, it's just hard to wrap it up. DefCon kicked butt - and in ways I didn't expect. The people I met out there were so awesome! The sessions were good. People were major interesting. The parties were off the hook (and fun because of the interesting people). I am definitely planning a return.

That was a little stream of consciousness, but it is late and I figured better some slim post than none.