Monday, November 09, 2009

another big day for the little lady

yes, i'm a delicate flower.... ah, maybe not so much....

big day today. started the new job. awesome. the window replacement is one-half done - in one day! so that is pretty amazing. i'm calling the painter tomorrow to see if we can get all the rooms painted while they are torn about anyway - and i'm not going to get to it if i haven't finished the landing in 5 years...
well i love being introduced as a web developer or programmer. ah... i have the beginnings of an assignment today. we'll see what tomorrow brings after all the hr. paper work is done. so far so good.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

winter is coming again

i've been moving so fast over the last few weeks. today was a big day and i'm exhausted. i'm quite sure i must look haggard, because i feel exhaustion running deep. i had the exit interview today and then a wrap up with my boss and boss' boss. i made a presentation for them about all the key changes i've contributed to or been the catalyst for in the two and a half years here. i put a lot into it. i hope it helped to recap how far we've come and help focus on a next step.