Thursday, December 17, 2009

get your holiday on

have you got your holiday on?

i have been feeling the hum-bug set in lately. there's just so much going on. i've given up on even attempting to play domestic goddess and have purchased all christmas cookies/goodies this year. in the past i have mixed purchased cookies (but at least they were home-baked by someone) with ones that i made. i didn't even get that far. lots of change and what feels like back-to-back birthday weekends - oh yeah, it has been 3 of those.

on the plus side, the tree is up and decorated and i managed to get pictures of the kiddies decorating it. it gets better looking each year. and i get less worked up over the perfection of it all. it was nice to admit (aloud) that i was feeling overwhelmed and was not going to get the tree setup and lights on it any time soon and therefore needed someone else to do it. dear husband took care of it. (a blessed first in the seasonal triathlon.)

i am done with shopping and done cutting kiddie school pictures apart. perhaps i will get the christmas cards in the mail by monday - OMG i may even stoop to printing labels and letting the boys do it instead of insisting on hand-writing them all... what the heck! live on the edge... (that's me, on the edge.) they could do that while i wrap presents.

other interesting news, i succumbed to viking mania and actually purchased a jersey. of course, this would never have happened except that it had a number 4 on it. i am weak for the favre.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

winter wonderland

winter - check
wonderland - uuuhhh... not so much.

the roads were pretty bad in the metro when i left work at 7. it got better the farther west i got (unusual). i have to be back in the mess tomorrow morning during rush hour. we're supposed to get 6-8 in with gusts up to 38 mph. welcome winter, welcome winter. (it's not like we can make it leave.)

my painting class was cancelled tonight because of the weather. now it is two months i've missed. it was my birthday present to myself; foiled again. i had a painting in mind for a friend. a nice way to share the love when she gave me paint as a gift. i will just have to do it on my own, instead of relying on shared studio time... when will I do that?

december has already ramped up with 4.5 footer birthday, party, my birthday, planned birthday party, kid birthday, anniversary, people coming over for christmas day, gift wrapping, cookie purchasing (no time to bake), christmas decorating... sigh. i do prefer to keep it to the 12 days of christmas.

i want a kindle in the worst way; i'm going to keep holding out in my standard stubborn fashion.

i've been wanting to go sledding or ice skating or lake hockey in the worst way lately. been streaming in the regina spektor and cake too. i've been thinking a lot about friendships and timing. depending on the thing, my timing can be very good - work; and very bad - personal life.

i'm missing my buddies across the river a ton. its been hit and miss with planning lunches with our busy schedules. met up with two of the ladies today for the first time in a month and had a very nice time.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

winter has come again

it sort of feels like winter never left; it was just sitting dormant - a sort of deep-down cold-in-waiting. yesterday when i came out of the house headed to work, the ground was white.

December is always so busy and hectic. with three birthdays, an anniversary, christmas-holiday stuff, there's just not enough time. the corn drying season has gone about a month longer and dear husband is still working 90 hour weeks.

window replacement was accomplished and looks very good. rearrange has taken place downstairs and basement furniture is on order. i finally have a dedicated exercise area that feels spacious. i love the new location of my home office too. the studio has been a neglected and has crates of my office books in it while i wait for my office/cubicle rearrange to happen.

i'm looking forward to painting on tuesday night. i haven't picked up a paintbrush in over a month and had to miss the November session to watch the boys. i worked on the cherry blossom painting again a little in October, but haven't gotten back to it.

neck spasms again are preventing me from doing some daily things, but hopefully the exercise area will help with that. the weirdest part is the insomnia from it. 2 hours of sleep and back at it. i hope i can get back to jogging again the next month. with christmas around the bend and all the birthday cake, i'm sure to put on a couple of pounds without much exercise.

i am loving the new job. funny how old gone friends can still inspire you to live the life you want to live and give you confidence to just reach for what you want. i can be pretty cautious, and i decided that i don't want that to be my legacy. i love what i do and seem to be in a place in my life to have the opportunity to choose. i don't want to waste the opportunity; i choose what is fun, challenging, has been on my list for too long, makes me nervous tackling a new skill set so quickly. it gives me a good feeling to know that somewhere in the cosmos, if you knew what i was doing, you'd be in my corner cheering my on.