Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wild on Wednesday

The MN Wild played the Detroit Red Wings on Wednesday. it was an awesome feeling to kick butt 5 to 2! I thought I would be able to stay all neutral since I like the wings SO much. But I guess I turned into a hometown girl afterall and cheered the Wild on.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

sick and ear infections

the 4 footer (gosh these boys are growing) has been sick since Friday. he had the flu on Friday and into Saturday. Sunday, he got a really bad cold with that gunky, drippy nose (yuck!). Yesterday he had to be picked up from school, because his ear hurt so badly. lucky we were able to get him in to see his pediatrician - terrible ear infection (from the cold).

he fought the antibiotics but not the ear drops. i was home with him today (after being up until 4am last night). aside from being a bit tired yet, it was a good day and the medicine is starting to do its job. he was his normal self by bed time.

impressionism part 1 of 3

i was able to make it to my monthly oil painting adventure last night. it feels like forever since i was over to the studio at rush creek. it is a class, i guess... but sue is so great and it is just relaxed and challenging and fun. i always take risks in my work when i'm there. we just trying oil painting for the first time was taking a risk, but i'm not so bad...

(OMG i am reallly just so conceited!) i'm going to have to nip that in the bud. i really like it and the work i produce is not total crap, so i get to thinking i'm pretty good at it.

i was to the Louvre and Masters exhibit at the MIA (was that last week? or the week before) [i'll blog it and put some links in later.] And roamed the impressionism galleries in anticipation of the impressionism painting series i was starting. the MIA has a Monet Haystack and i like to spend some time with that and several of my other favorite pieces - and i can't get away without spending some serious quiet time 'in Japan.' I love the Japanese art exhibit at the MIA and the rooms. i'll have to check if i can take photos when i'm there again in a couple of weeks.

i'll link in the photo of the water lilies on a reflection pool painting that i did last night. i tend to like the Van Gogh Starry Night approach to impressionism from a personal painting technique perspective. though his work is often termed primitive and almost tribal and somewhat violent, i find the technique of heavy paint application (pretty much direct from the tube without thinner or extra oil) to be something i can do out-of-the-gate. the bonus being that i an very enthusiastic for the effects and the color variations it brings with the think layering application.

there's an American who painted in a similar style (i forgot his name, i'll look it up and link it) whose work i like as well.

getting my hockey on!

i am SO excited! i'm going to be seeing the Detroit Red Wings play the MN Wild tomorrow night - live - from a VIP suite!!! i'm completely flipping out! OMG! I really really hope it is a great, close game with multiple shoot outs. I don't even care who wins at this point! It will just be so exciting to finally see the Wings live!