Saturday, April 23, 2011

mobile madness

the minnesota regional science fair is fast approaching - this saturday - and the schedule seems tight for a 5th grader.  we have to be done setting up and ready for judges by 8:30-8:45 am.  the 5th grader has to hang out by himself in the arena pretty much all morning.  it doesn't seem like he'll be by any kids from his school.  it will be good for him to get to know some new kids while they wait between judges.

i decided it was time to get him a phone.  that way i can be at hand and he can do some mini-blogging about his experience at the fair.  it'll be fun to see it 'from the inside' and from his perspective.  he's quite a good photographer.

so this led me to call to add a line the family plan... a free Motorola Defy and overnight shipping later, i'm looking down at the phone and manual for something that is way too cool for school.

i set him up an email address and a facebook account and set all the security settings and gave him a lesson on how to post and what not to include... on my old phone.  well it's not that bad - T-Mobile Wing - win 6.5 - nice.  not Defy nice, but nice.

i'm crushing on the new phone.

we've been selling tickets for the green isle community school carnival (the night before the science fair).  and now getting ready to work games at that.