Friday, May 27, 2011

bye bye baby

Grandpa and Grandma
it has been a crazy ride this month. but then again, its always some kind of crazy for lots of people any given day.

at the left is a picture of my grand parents when they are just starting out.  it's that loving life that i want to celebrate.

grandma passed away a couple of thursdays ago.  i'm so proud the way she lived her life. she made it through a lot of struggle and strife, raised a great family, took care of grandpa when he got sick, and touched many lives.  she was the kind of woman who lifted people up.

she loved to garden.  when i left home to head up north to see her this last time, my yard and plants were just coming out of the ground. it is only fitting then that when i got home from that weekend, my plum tree was blooming, the grapevine on my deck bloomed, the lilacs were flowering, my peonies were 3 1/2 feet tall, the flowering crabapple tree was blossoming - as if offering a silent tribute to her.

she loved butterflies and pansies, peonies and us.  we never doubted that. i miss you, grams.