Friday, June 24, 2011

working through it

i'm too tired tonight to actually go into my studio and finish any of the 'dressing the room' stuff.  thought i would post about the changes in there since coming home from up north.

i was in the culling mood after having helped sort and go through my grandma's stuff.  you know, it was just stuff.  there were a few great things like to jars of pearly buttons that i have some craft and gift ideas for. there was her outside coat she wore to hang out the laundry on the clothes line. i like those memories of her - from the time that i was little until recent months, she would put on her outside coat, go out the back door and hang out the laundry on the clothes line.  that old clothes line.  *sigh*

i came home from up north, spent a couple of hours talking to my mom and a couple of more hours moping around the house.  the house has gotten a bit cluttered. i have too much furniture and some of it, oh heck, most all of it, i've had since i was a legal adult.  i have been big on antiques, and still am, but it really needs to be functional.  with the boys, i just don't have the time to pamper the furniture.  so i took a little evaluation of how each piece was serving the needs of the room, could it work better in a different room, etc.

pulled 15 pieces out.  it is good to have open space and rooms where the energy moves around freely.  my studio is a major example of this.  I removed a dresser, a huge cupboard, two tables, and a corner shelf just from that room.  I re-purposed the double-sided book shelf (which I snagged for $10 at the Minneapolis Public Library sale many years ago).  it was not doing a very good job as a television stand.  i had envisioned it working in my studio since i laid eyes on it, but it is huge.  it can really only be the focal point of the room.

i just had too much stuff in there. i pulled out all of my weaving supplies from my studio - i haven't used the loom in years, why am i keeping it?  i don't see myself sitting down to that in just as many years since i would much rather draw, paint or scrapbook.  also, weaving for me takes concentration and counting to set it up, and that is just not something that works with the boys playing.  and, you know, they need to play.  i would rather they were loud and playing then watching tv.

so all those pieces came out and went on a tag sale.  the giant shelf went in, and the table-top from one of the tables was re-used to make an elevated works space on top of the shelf so i can sit at it with my comfy studio chair.

early on, it proved too much for me to do by myself.  mom came over with her 'moving men' - these little disks for under heavy furniture are the-bomb!  i have always disliked the carpeting in that room, but had kept it because i didn't have to care if i stained it.  we ripped out the carpeting and down to cement floor.  i have floor sealant to paint on it yet.  things are shaping up.