Wednesday, May 16, 2012

'Make the Cut' is no longer cutting it.

for several years, i've recommended Make The Cut to my scrapbook friends with the ProvoCraft Cricut machine to enable them more flexibility to cut true type fonts.  (some of you may know i'm a software developer by day.)  when the Cricut first came out, i recognized the usb port built into the machine and made a half-hearted attempt to hack the Cricut cartridges and send SVG graphics to the cutter.  Then ProvoCraft's Design Studio came out, and i figured i could use my time making art or scrapbooking.  *shrug*

ProvoCraft's Design Studio is soooo slow to load those image libraries.  it annoys me.  so, i started demoing a couple of different applications like Sure-Cuts-Alot (the misspelling of a lot bugs me, btw.  i'm sure my lack of capitalization bugs some people *ah-hem. nancy.*) and the SVG Factory for making some nifty vector graphics.  However, Make The Cut was a star player for me.  easy-peasy to load true-type fonts onto your machine.  non-geeky-people-often-found-at-scrapbook-retreats are able to google for fonts and follow instructions to load them.  Make The Cut has great features that function in standard Windows manner like multi-select and right click with group welding and the excellent Shadow feature.

today at school everyone is getting ready for the Elder's Wisdom program and looking for font options.  the idea was floated to print outline letters on the printer and hand cut them.  pah-shaw. as if!  i was excited as ever to again recommend Make The Cut.  Then i went to download the application and get a license for the school, when i see "Works with all Cricut machines - We no longer are compatible with Cricut."  Bummer.

there is a glimmer of hope for those of use with older versions.  On the Make The Cut Downloads page, they offer a phone number regarding upgrading.  i haven't called yet.  i don't think i'm upgrading since what i have now works great for how i use it. secondly, i do like linking my Cricut cartridges to my Gypsy so that i can still use that investment and leave them at home when i travel to retreats.

if you own another cutting machine; this software is compatible with many.  but if you're a Cricut user, you won't have this option with initial purchase with version 4.1.0 released in Jan 2012.

*PS: while filling in the resource links for this post, i just noticed the Cricut Craft Room.  i haven't played with this, but it looks promising.  read on - it's free (Thank you ProvoCraft; you're finally getting the good-will movement), download-able, and comes with Craft Room Basics set of fonts... i'm downloading as i type this.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cat on a Mission

Apparently, it is all about hydraulics.

Friday the White Wonder has started to move - actually hustle - after getting fluid injections for a couple of days at the vet to be re-hydrated.  The shots continue at home for a couple of weeks.  He is much improved.  Terminal kidney disease. At least I can keep him comfortable by making sure he is kept hydrated properly.