Saturday, August 18, 2012


Finally got 15 minutes to sit down with a coffee and my Silkworm magazine today. Fascinating article about a technique using silk and wool to create amazing felted wearable items. I need to try this.

Just so happens that an old friend has a sheep farm and sells fiber for felting.

I have a couple of sketches of simple patterns to try. It would be cool to have some of these done to view at the art show in October.

Nuno is a fun technique involving bubble wrap, soapy water, silk, and loose wool fibers. Wool and silk are layered, saturated, and then rolled and worked. Massaging and rolling are used to create the meshing of wool fibers into the silk. Then the roll is pounded or beat to lock the fibers together. Final rinsing and squeezing in hot water further lock or felt the fibers together.

This sounds so fun! And i like that this seems an interesting combination of silk painting, paper making techniques, and wool felting.

I'm off to the studio to paint some silk according to my nuno experiment sketches and await the arrival of wool fiber.