Saturday, September 15, 2012

On Walkabout

taking a couple of  days off to just wander around the downtown area of Rochester, MN has been so relaxing.  it's day three; my last day here.  it will feel good to get back to the studio on sunday with so many new inspirations.


test driving the new camera has been exciting - can't believe i went so long with only the point-and-shoot and the old hard-body Pentax 35mm.  i really am a digital girl...  that's the sorta song that i could get behind.

i have some favorites from yesterday and some great visual images that will make their way into paintings over the next few months too.  i only took about 350 pictures between 2:30 and 9:30 last night.  of course, a major portion of them didn't make the cut - but that's one of the beauties of going digital.

river reflections

top 6 reasons that i love my Nikon Coolpix P510:

  1. very intuitive design and controls
    i have been able to take manual pictures with it since i picked it up in the store.  (this may sound a little crazy, but it's important.  most of the cameras i picked up - like some of the cannons that i was eyeing up based on some reviews i'd heard - i wasn't able to even get it to focus and take a picture on the manual setting.  call me old fashioned, but if you understand, f-stop, ISO, and shutter speed, then you should be able to pick up a camera and take a decent picture without watching a 1 hour camera operational instruction video or taking an 8 week class.)
  2. great weight
    it just feels good in my hands. it is balanced and light weight enough to hold in one hand
  3. meta data
    yeah, that's right, i love that i don't have to take a photo notebook and record the photo number and camera settings i am using. it attaches all of that information including GPS on to the photo.
  4. it's not film
    there's no film to mess with.  i enjoy the immediate gratification of knowing if i got the shot i wanted.
  5. the 4 inch display screen
    this isn't just a display screen, it is positionable so that (short people like me) can pull the display screen down and hold the camera up over my head to get shots that i wouldn't normally be able to accomplish on my feet.  a bonus, for low shots, i can lift it up and hold the camera down low without having to lay on the ground - that's very handy for busy sidewalks...
  6. 42x optical zoom
    more is better - without having to cart multiple lens with me.  this just makes it so much more portable.
bipolar chateau