Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Barb Reierson Benefit

Maybe you heard about the art show this weekend - 50% of sales from OneGirlPainting Art Studio will go to Barb Reierson in her fight against cancer.

Lots of people know Barb. She's a friend of mine - first through scrapbooking and then through Arlington Green Isle Women of Today. Barb is our AGI President this year.

Here's a bit about her situation in my words, but check out her caring bridge site and say hello.

Barb Reierson is a young 30-something wife and mother of two.  She had been feeling tired and run down for quite some time.  When a lump appeared on her neck that wouldn't go away, she reluctantly went to the doctor.  Initially, it seemed she had the symptoms of Mono.  However, testing revealed that she had leukemia and was immediately transferred to Abbott Northwestern.

After undergoing a battery of tests, they found that she had a form of AML with rare chromosomal defects - a form of acute leukemia that sends out blasts of millions of cancer cells into her blood stream.  At the time of diagnosis, up to 70% of the blood in her body was cancerous.  As soon as the exact sub type/s of AML were determined, she began a week of 24/7 chemo treatment.  Without this, doctors estimated that she didn't have long to live.

Due to the nature of this AML and the drastic treatment it requires, her bone marrow is destroyed.  Chemotherapy kills cancer and offers an opportunity of time but doesn't rebuild marrow.  A person cannot live without bone marrow, so staff at the U of M began searching for a match.  (If you want to help someone in need of bone marrow check out Be The Match).  The U of M are using a match for Barb from the Blood Cord Bank. She was home for a couple of weeks to be with her kids and family.  Currently she's undergoing another week of 24/7 chemo this week and then have a bone marrow transplant. This week of chemo is 30 times stronger than the first round. Yikes!

During this process her family has gathered around to support her.  Her husband drove from Arlington to Abbott each day after work to be with her when she was in the hospital for a month.  The current hospital stay for chemo and then transplant could be as long as 160 days.  Arlington is an hour from Abbott - that is a lot of gas money.  Brent has to keep things going with the business - and heal his broken hand. Read Barb's story on caring bridge.

Some friends of Barb got together last night and planned a benefit for her. More information will be coming with a Facebook page and media outlets soon, but save the date:

Barb Reierson Benefit 
January 19th, 2013
Arlington Community Center, Arlington, MN
includes an all-day scrap, bake sale, silent auction/raffle, meal, and vendor fair.

Contact information, donation information, and the 4-1-1 on how you can help will be coming yet this week.

art show this weekend

35 of my hand-painted silk scarves along with 6 limited edition, signed & numbered giclee prints will be on display this Friday (3pm-8pm) and Saturday (7am-4pm) at Gert & Erma's Coffee Shop in Glencoe, MN.  My dad (Ernie's Stone Studio) will be joining me in this little art exhibition.  He'll be presenting stone carving.

It's a free event and the public is welcome.  https://www.facebook.com/onegirlpainting/events

Items from Ernie's Stone Studio are available for purchase.

Since this is the first showing of these original works of art from OneGirlPainting Art Studio, the items will remain on-site until the show is complete.  Items can be reserved by prepaying at the event before items are listed for sale in my Etsy storefront.  Any reserved items will be delivered or shipped (your preference) on Monday immediately after the show.

With one exception, the art giveaway.  All Facebook Fans of OneGirlPainting Art Studio are entered into a drawing for their choice of an item from this exhibit.  The winner has 48 hours to claim their prize.  If the chosen item is on reserve, full refund will be made immediately after the drawing at 1 pm on Saturday.

**50% of all OneGirlPainting Art Studio sales during this event will be donated to Barb Reierson in her fight against cancer.**

Her excellent outlook and hope for the future are keeping things positive.  There is a long road ahead yet, your prayers and support are greatly appreciated.

Read about her journey at https://www.caringbridge.org/visit/barbreierson/

Thursday, October 04, 2012

crushing the bell and other silly stories

you know, one good thing about rushing from work to home, to car, back into the house to get my phone i set down while in the bedroom changing into workout gear, back to the car, back into the bedroom to get the yoga mat i left on the other side of the bed, back to the car, to town, and into the gym, into the kettlebell storage, to my mat - just in the nick of time as class was starting.... and pushing hard through all those mountain climbers and alternating squats that make me want to puke....is that i'm not hungry when i get home.

on tuesday, i was using just the 18 pound kettlebell and my swings were way to too high. so tonight, as i'm rushing to get bells and get to my mat, there were a limited selection of weights.  i spot one in the corner that has a number 20 on it and think to myself: 'perfect. this will slow it down a bit' and that one.  as i suitcase lift that and the normal 18 pound, i notice that there is quite a bit of difference between the two.  wow.  i must be a complete wuss that two pounds is such a big difference.

i'm out there doing my swings and i can only do single swings with that bad boy.  awesome amanda is all 'you're stepping it up!' and i'm all 'yeah, that 18 pounder was a little light, so i just bumped 'er up a couple pounds, but wow, big difference.' she's all: 'here, i think you should go back to this one.' and hands me the 18. i'm thinking 'what? i am that bad at this?' then she's all 'yeah, way to go, but this is 20 kilos, so more like from 18 pounds to 44. way to be.'  sa-weet! my proud and total spaaz nerd moment of the day.

feeling it tonight. not just wobbly legs.  i'm pretty much shaking all over and can hardly type.  plus i'm trying to hammer this little post out and eat my bowl of greek yogurt before kyle gets home with sam.  the only downside to this evening is that i didn't make it out of class early enough to go along to Henderson, MN to retrieve the 5-footer from his early return from the boundary waters canoe area trip.

the trip was cut short by the blustery wind and high percentage of snow likely.  better to err on the side of safety and get the kids and canoes off the lake and back to the base camp before they get stuck on 6 inches of snow.  i'm so, so, very excited to hug my boy and hear all the details of his stupendous journey! (That one's for you - take a shot for Barb!)

hey! lovey, darling, sweet, and incredible Greta the wonder dog loves greek yogurt. we're awesome together like that.

Monday, October 01, 2012

watching paint dry and other fun

did i ever tell you that it takes oil paintings up to a year to dry?

no? well, it does - especially in the humid Minnesota summer.  well, this is especially concerning with an exhibit scheduled in 11 days.

i don't know what i was thinking (obviously not thinking) when i planned this show and imagined that i could hang partly dry oils up for viewing.  hello!  "holy dang" is what i'm thinking now.

so, tonight i am on a mission to determine if i can run giclee prints in time for next friday.

loving this fall light

on a personal front, i've been feeling a bit yucky (code for big-time sick), and consequently not eating very well - which just leads to more feeling gross tail-spin. between the gluten, soy, corn sensitivities and the IC/gastritis awesomeness... i meal planned and grocery shopped  yesterday, so today i am back on week 1 day 1 allergy elimination diet to kick myself in the pants (more accurately in the chest) back into feeling good.  protein, i love thee.  already my nose and some of my breathing have cleared up.