Monday, November 26, 2012

it takes a villiage

sometimes it takes a village to move you.

ok, well, sometimes it takes a village to move me.  i've been cleared to run since last january 2012.  i was so excited to get back into it, but started with the couch to 5k program way back then.  well, i think i started just walking, jogging for 5 minutes/1 minute alternating until i didn't feel like dying.

then in late spring, i started running outside with my son.  the 5 footer has lost some interest in running.  such a shame since he has impossibly long legs and a longer stride... maybe he'll come back to it someday.  any who, we just 'ran telephone poles' - the out-and-back route by our house has telephone poles the whole distance.  we started with run one, walk three.  then made it up to the reverse of that and run the first mile walk three and run the rest.  that's about where he lost interest.

somewhere between telephone poles and running a mile, i got sick of timing my intervals when i was out of town working and downloaded run double's free app to my android phone.  (  i really like the running plans, and i like better that the computer voice interrupts my music to boss me to run or walk. i need that.

since i am able to run the whole distance now, the little voice is quiet.  so running the last couple of 5k fun runs with friends has been supremely helpful.  i love running in the group and - though i have yet to touch my former 6 miles in under 45 minute time - i am hopeful that i'll at least get back to an 8 minute mile pace.  time and training will tell.

so i have a couple more winter runs coming up:
New Ulm - Dec 1st. - Jingle Bell Jam
Burnsville - Dec 9th. - Slay Cancer 5k
Minneapolis - Jan 1st. - Polar Dash

if you're at any of those events, give a shout out, FB, or tweet me.