Saturday, February 23, 2013

Bells came

Two of the kettlebells I ordered came already! I didn't think they would be here until the end of next week, so I am especially excited.

Kyle, who carried them in for me, was especially curious about them. I think he may have just realized I may actually have gotten stronger lately... I was showing him dead lifts and swings and cleans and thrusters. Good thing that I am on rest days yet. I was wheezing and lungs burning just showing him a couple of moves. I think I have finally convinced him to come to a circuit Saturday!

He was looking through the catalog that came with the Valslides and chalk (especially interested in weight sleds and running parachutes.) at lunch today, we were talking about Mudder training and I was explaining the great pull up article Jen shared. Sam was going on about the Mudder pictures of what I needed to be able to do pull-ups for... I let him know that we have three guys on the Mudder team now. I think he would do it if it weren't for the running.

It would be so cool to be able to get the whole family to a beginner kettlebell session and a circuit Saturday. Weeee! I am glad I got wide handled kettlebells so Kyle's hands can fit them.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Low cost power slide

So, you may already know from earlier articles that I have been eyeballing power slides. I found a very logical instructions to make your own. But frankly, I'm not so handy with power tools.

After thinking about this, and moving furniture around in our little gym area last weekend with the four-footer (my youngest son) and messing around with sliding on the carpet with the "moving men" furniture sliders... Hmm, this is the same motion, just the slippery surface is on my feet instead of the floor. The trouble being that it seems so difficult to actually get anywhere. Really, though what is the difference between booties on your shoes on a slippery surface, and slippery surface on your shoes? The bumpers.

The bumpers. All the slideboards have bumpers of some type on them - short or long - there is a stopper on the end. This isn't just to keep you from sliding off the end. No, that's the kick plate for you to push off from to get moving.

Ah-ha! All I need are kick plates. Great. I ordered up some Valslides from Amazon. They arrived today. My sinus-turned-respiratory-cold I started on earlier in the week is in full force, so I am on rest days until feeling at least 85%. Turns out, this is a great time to get creative about adding some variety to my athletic training plan. The Valslides arrived today.

I ripped them out of the package. Threw them on the carpeted floor of the living room and jumped on. (I am sort of like dear hubs in this way. Things should be initiative. I will read the directions later.) yep, same as last weekend with the four-footer. Great slippy-slide fun, but no travel. Hmm. I got out the directions pamphlet. Nope. Almost all of the instructions show someone using only one slide at a time.

Hmm, why did I think this was such a no-brainer? Oh yeah, bumpers. So I started looking around the house for things to launch myself off of. I found the perfect match in the workout area. The basement knee wall on one side, and a wooden crate the kids dress-up costumes are in. If I put the 52.5 lb bow flex weights on top of it, it doesn't move when I test it out. Very cool.

Valslides, under $30. Indoor skating in my basement year-round, priceless.