Saturday, March 23, 2013

Glitter On! Barb

For those of you whom don't already know, my friend Barb passed away earlier this week. She was a kindred, crafts-y, loving soul with a heart of solid glitter. She will be missed and remembered.

I want something memorable, honorable, and beautiful to come out of this loss.  Barb doesn't want a pity party.  I know she'd prefer this energy is channeled into something useful, purposeful, and worth having. It will be my way to honor her life and friendship.

Last August, we started designing a pattern together.  I based my Fall/Winter 2012 collection on the color palette she selected.  I will be individually hand-painting 100 silk scarves in the multi-color pattern she and I designed.  Each scarf will be unique, beautiful, and one of a kind - just like Barb.

The profit from these limited edition scarves will go to her loving husband Brent and their two, young, adorable children.

More information, availability, sketches, photos, and updates will get posted here in the coming weeks.