Friday, October 17, 2014

Welcome Home

Yeah, being home is, well, home and not the hospital.  I'm sooo glad for that.  I love home.  I'm a home-body and derive so much energy and wellness from my calm, clean, happy home.  It centers me, inspires me, and relaxes me.

I guess today's lesson was a fun one for everyone. Reminder for the kids why we have a chore chart and why they have to help. Today, they helped in everything,  not just chore-chart stuff.

They helped cook and picked up the place (Frankly, it's gotten beyond yuck while I've been sick, and everyone else did next to nothing in the house. So we have a long way to go, but the focus needs to be on accepting what I can and cannot accomplish and working as a team.)

They grocery shopped from the list we made together while I walked slowly behind. They helped cook and set the table and washed the dishes immediately afterwards.

And best of all, I slowed everything down today. Enforced the minimum 15 minute sitting to eat at every meal not just supper.

My wonderful boys rose to the challenge and then trumped it. They were brighter, funnier, selfless, more interesting,  more conversational (okay yikes on the tallking heads, but fun) than they have been in months.  We talked and giggled and told stories.  All in such a relaxed way that has been missing from our strangled daily routine for so long. 

It was a real welcome home.  Welcome back to life and the reason we do it all.